Happy Price Dairy

Happy Prince Dairy is located in Hulan , Harbin, 46 degree north latityde. It belongs to the world-famous pasture and farm plantation area. It has unique environment and rasources. As early as 2016, before the landing of most stringent milk powder policym Happy Prince had prepared for a rainy day and started upgrading the products and package.


We anticipate that the " new milk powder policy " has led to reduction in the number of manufactures' products, making it difficult for domestic milk powder factories to rely on multi product channels. Domestic brands must emit their own brand genes and introduces unique brand image packaging and star products.


On the basis of full communication  research, through the high-end product strategy, we have completed the whole line of product line carding, product naming, unified visual image, brand story combing, packaging impact force, integrated activity image packaging, and launched series of products "sincere happiness" "sincere kindness" "sincere prime ", which subverted the market cognition.

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